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***After 5+ years practising in Melton Mowbray, I have re-located my business to Loughborough... I am now renting a room within the Chris Mears Health and Fitness clinic.*** My name is Sasha, and I qualified in Remedial Massage Therapy in 2012, with the Midlands School of Massage and Manipulative Therapy. I am also training for the London School of Sports Massage (LSSM) Soft Tissue Therapy BTEC Professional Diploma (Level 5). I am a member of the National Association of Massage and Manipulative Therapists (NAMMT) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). I am visually impaired, and so as a Braille user, my sense of touch is enhanced, allowing me to identify and treat problems with greater effectiveness and accuracy. Krista, my wonderful German Shepherd guide dog, will be present throughout my clinic time, though she’ll be in working mode, settled beneath the desk. What conditions can massage help with? Massage is a very effective treatment option for many conditions. Why do I need a massage? How we stand, sit, walk, run and take part in our daily routine puts a strain and a general wear and tear on our bodies. It is therefore vital to take care of muscles to keep them in good working order and so maintain your chosen lifestyle. Muscles, together with our bones, ligaments and tendons, hold the key for body posture, movement and support. When a car is low on fuel or oil or needs a service, you top-up the fluids or book it in to a garage to keep it in good working order. Why is it then, we tend to wait and ignore the warning signs of muscle aches and pains, hoping they go away? A regular massage helps to keep muscles in good shape and performing the way they should, by stimulating blood flow and maintaining pliability. A prolonged incorrect posture or walking/running style will put a strain on muscles and eventually lead to damage. Massage will help avoid and prevent injury by re-aligning and correcting postural habits, keeping muscles healthy. How will massage help? Massage will firstly warm up the muscles to increase blood flow, which in turn boosts nutrient and oxygen levels. Once the muscles are warm and relaxed, work can then begin on treating the muscles to help re-instate proper function. Muscles have a memory, and can be stubborn in their recovery – they will gladly return to an incorrect state if they are used to it. Massage can overcome this, and return muscles to their correct positions, meaning they will perform far more effectively than before treatment. Easy exercises and stretches will also help speed up muscle recovery in between massages, and will help to confront stubborn muscles that want to resume their bad postural habits. Testimonials Sasha Archer is an excellent therapist and I have been benefiting from her care for several months. Her knowledge, active listening skills and enhanced sense of touch combine to instil both confidence and trust. When my husband recently developed a problem with his shoulder, I persuaded him to seek help from Sasha. He was equally impressed and agreed that she really is outstanding. We both recommend her. G+L I have been visiting Sasha at HAND SENSE Remedial Massage Therapy, Melton Mowbray Leics for several months now for remedial massage on my legs, back and neck. I have found a huge improvement in my legs which were retaining fluid following a knee replacement. Sasha has moved all of the fluid and my legs feel normal again. My back and neck were stiff with tension, but no longer following my weekly one hour session. I cannot praise Sasha highly enough for her care and expertise. Having been to several different therapists in the past I can say that she is the best of them all and being in Melton highly convenient for appointments. If you want expert, qualified help then try her and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Regards Andy Baker 'Hand Sense' is the most appropriate name for Sasha's remedial massage therapy. After listening to the symptoms, Sasha is able to 'hit the spot' with such accuracy (and sometimes pain - which doesn't last too long....) Problem areas are soon identified and dealt with sensitively, but to have any long-term effect there is a need to have regular sessions in order to maintain the benefits. Exercises are advised between sessions when working on particular parts of the body, and these can be of help. As a 65+ year old, one realises that incorrect posture, which maybe we have held for many years, can add to our aches and pains, and these of course can take longer to re-align and keep healthy. But it’s never too late to take notice of our bodies and book ourselves in for a jolly good overhaul! We will eventually feel much better for it. Thanks to Sasha and her enhanced 'Hand Sense'. SJ I am someone who has suffered from chronic low back pain for a very long time. Recently, I had another relapse and have tried a number of treatments including sports massages. At best they have provided some short-term reduction of pain but after two treatments with Sasha I have experienced a more or less complete relief from my back pain symptoms which appears to be long-term. What Sasha does differently, I think, is that she is highly detailed in her examination and treatment to the extent that slight but important physical tensions in the spine are picked up that might otherwise be ignored. Sasha is also tenacious in her treatment of a particular muscular problem whereas previous specialists have tended to be too general in their approach rather than concentrating on a specific problem. Last but not least Sasha is a very good listener and very precise in responding to what you have to say as well as being positive in her responses which is just as important as the treatment itself. Gary Statham My shoulder has definitely opened up more again so you are doing a brilliant job thank you. R Hello Sasha. I must thank you for the help you have given me these last two weeks. My thumb and surround is far less puffy and painful following the treatment you have given me. I realise you cannot cure the arthiritis, but the reduction in pain enables me to continue playing golf. Many thanks AG

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